Businesses offering interim services are very much in vogue. However, if you’re looking to expand your business globally, it’s not just interim talent you need.  It’s an interim team.

Any stage of growth and development poses challenges for businesses. That’s part of the excitement of success. It’s a good problem to have. International growth however, poses a unique set of hurdles that even the most successful business can stumble over.

The challenges businesses face

Cultural differences, alternative codes of conduct, rules, laws, customer expectations and recruitment issues are all nuanced barriers to entry. Those are in addition to the more tangible issues like cost and logistics. Even when you recognise those challenges, it’s another thing to know what to do about them.  The only real way, is through experience.

There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the current political climate in general. Whether you’re looking at the Trump administration in the States, or Brexit in the UK and Europe. Everything from GDPR and its hangover in the US to the question of the Irish border.  It leaves the international business community with a sense of unease. That’s before you get to more evergreen challenges.

It’s not just small and medium sized businesses that face these challenges either. Some markets can prove extremely challenging to large companies as well. Even the mighty eBay failed when it first tried to launch in China. The difficulty of competing with local rivals meant that in 2006, a mere two years after entering China, it was forced to shut down its main website in the country.

Not all interim is created equal

The tall and the short of it is that the best way to go global, is to have someone who really understands the different locations that you want to work in. Easier said than done. Interim talent is a cost effective way to grow in a scalable manner. However, there are very few interim solutions that can provide that kind of team.

This is where gigCMO is unique.  Our team is made up of nationalities and experience from around the world and across all major business markets. Almost every member of the team has a relationship with the Asia Pacific market. We also have a member of the team working in China.

We have experience across a range of industries in the United States, with several members of the team working in North America and Canada. We also have a number of team members working in the UK, with experience living and working across Europe as well. Crucially, it’s not just that our team members have worked in all these different locations, but our collective nationalities and connections reflect our experience as well.

The roundtable mentality

The other thing that separates gigCMO from other interim services, is that all these individuals work together. While a client will have a single point of contact, that individual has the support of our International team of non-executive director level talent to liaise with. What we describe as our roundtable mentality ensures best practice and the brainpower of multiple individuals for the price of one.

The truth is that only experience can give you the understanding of international market places that will give a business its best chance of successful global expansion. The bad news is that you really need someone with an understanding of each area you plan on going to. The good news is, you can find them all at gigCMO. Because we’re don’t just offer interim talent. We offer an interim team.