Do you ever feel like work just gets too much? Too many questions, too many decisions, too many pieces, and too many overlapping roles. All creating confusion, tension and slow moving processes in your business? For a long time, businesses have approached their strategic and day-to-day operations in the form of a hierarchical matrix. However, as business leadership becomes frustrated under the weight of increasingly cumbersome ways of operating. And as employees become confused and impeded by duplicate lines of management and laboured decision-making processes, there is a need for another way of working. It hinges on the ways in which we use and integrate strategic leadership and day-to-day leadership.

Feeling swamped? You’re not alone

As national and international business becomes evermore dynamic and complex, the traditional structure of management, decision making, strategy and planning in our businesses presents more challenges than solutions to the growth that we all need and want to achieve. In its place, those with a forward-thinking approach to business leadership are adopting something that’s more akin to a double helix. It is a model that McKinsey has written about at length.

For the business leader who is finding that their organisation is growing, or has already grown, too large for all decisions to be made by one centralised authority. But where a traditionally decentralised approach, where most decisions are made by mid-level or lower-level managers, feels disconnected and ripe for tensions between members of the team. The double helix hinges is about a balance designed to reduce complexity and embrace agility – the hallmarks of the successful modern business.

A different approach to business leadership

Where a matrix is all rows, columns and rectangular shapes in glorious uniformity, in a double helix there are two linear strands of DNA that run opposite to each other and twist together. Each strand has its own, vital function, operating separately but also integral to the the other to ultimately synthesise new strands.

Now, while we realise our genetic science might not be entirely up to scratch, our business leadership skills definitely are. This double helix represents a way of integrating strategic business leadership and day-to-day management in order to support your goals, your team, and your clients, whilst also being able to move quickly enough to exploit new market opportunities.

Growing fast or at a standstill

Particularly effective in companies where growth and pipelines of work have come to a standstill. Those for whom disruptors have snuck up behind you and are threatening your market share. Or for those at that exciting point in their business development where they are going from a small business to a medium or large one, and the model of operating is now outdated. Defining and designing your management and operational strategy with intent can be both defining for your business as well as vital for the wellbeing of you and your company.

As a team of fractional CMOs, our role is often confused as being a possible alternative to your full time day-to-day leadership team. That’s not what we do. We are here to step in and provide strategy and guidance at board level, whenever and wherever your organisation needs it. It might be in the development of products and services, diversification, market expansion, or analysis. However, what we do is always about setting out a strategy that you and your team can then work to, such as setting our an effective operational structure.

You might decide you need us once. Or you might decide you need us periodically throughout the year. Either way, we’re here to help you create the success and working environment that you want to achieve.

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