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The Story Behind gigCMO

gigCMO was established in 2016 in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities – London – to provide growth solutions for established business and scale ups. We work with you to make your business grow. We do that by enabling you to access some of the most experienced and talented business leaders available. gigCMO solves all of the hassle of bringing in the talent when you need it and only for as long as you need it, with three solutions - gigCMO RoundTable, Talent on Demand, or CEO Whisperer.
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Founder & CEO, Mark Magnacca

Mark Magnacca is the Founder and CEO of gigCMO. Mark has over 30 years of business experience in senior leadership roles across a diverse range of industries. He recognises the biggest challenge of many established businesses and scale ups is getting access to the right talent at the right time. gigCMO was established to help owners, founders and other business leaders achieve their vision through providing unique solutions to engage with experienced and diverse individuals from the UK, Europe, the USA and around the globe. What we like to call Fractional C-Level Talent.
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The Gig Economy - the book!

Learn all about the benefits that the gig economy and fractional talent bring to companies.
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Become A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer With gigCMO