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  • Are you contemplating expanding your business across the pond or into Asia?
  • Do you need feet on the ground with a large network beyond where you are currently conducting business?
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  • Are you having challenges with processes that aren't in tune with current times?
  • Do you have the right leadership helping you guide the organization?
  • Are there perceived impediments to success?
  • What are the variables in market conditions? 

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  • Is it time to grow and scale the business, or are you happy with its trajectory?
  • Is it time to raise capital?
  • Are you contemplating an exit or transitioning to a family member?
  • Are you anticipating buying a competitor? Selling to a competitor?

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How We Helped


Digital Healthcare Marketing Company

A unique marketing platform that specializes in connecting niche audiences, primarily physicians and healthcare providers, with pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. The organization suffered significantly from stagnating growth due to changing market dynamics. This resulted in high turnover rates, distrust of leadership due to parochial HR policies.


To create an effective sales organisation. This involved creating a business process for sales, including identifying key roles and recruitment and implementing succession planning for key employees. Concurrently, we supported the evaluation of people and processes in order to scale in a significantly changing marketplace. 


  • Reduced turnaround by improving employee retention
  • Helped to clarify long-term strategies.
  • Specific action with regards to capital fundraising, M&A, and potential exit.
  • Identified strategic partners/investors and institutional capital resources




Information Security Company

The client was a leading information security assessment and consulting firm that helps businesses manage information security and privacy risk. It was struggling with scaling the operation and generating critical leads for the company’s footprint. Improving the bottom line, scaling the marketing organization and developing a voice for their brand. 


The role involved advising and mentoring the CEO, counselling their COO and mentoring the director of marketing with a goal of advancement to CMO. Key areas of support for the CEO included mission and exit strategy; and for the COO, the emphasis was put on business development and partnerships.


  • Improved hiring strategies and ability to drive business to weaker business units
  • Validated CEO confidence as to business strategy and employee focus
  • Created CEO podcast to improve and solidify the company’s subject matter expertise
  • Substantially improved website and landing page traffic, and SERP ranking
  • Significantly improved quality leads, higher click-through average and quality scoring for SQLs and MQLs

Global Manufacturer in Fashion-Textile Industry

The client was a European manufacturer of high-end, state-of-the-art equipment and software, utilized in the fashion and textile industries. The company had US-based headquarters; sales & development offices in the EU, China and the United States; and additional manufacturing facilities in China. Whisperer role included advising the CEO on staff development and M&A, as well as mentoring a rising star in the company. 


Advise CEO on M&A opportunities abroad in support of the company’s long-term business objectives. Specific initiatives required included conducting global research to advise regarding specific opportunities and mentoring business development director.


  • Identified and completed research on potential target companies that would warrant further diligence and evaluation of countries' political climates to do business in.
  • Mentored business development director on ways to approach prospects without giving up information, the pros & cons of M&A prospects, and on negotiation strategies.
  • Work resulted in several targeted companies for acquisition.

Global Training and Education Company

A digital training and education company with USD 300 million in revenue, with headquarters in the APAC region and offices around the globe. The employees of the team were primarily working remotely.


The company had a tainted reputation exacerbated by a series of marketing missteps and slanderous exploitation by several competitors. Given the nature of 100% distributed workforce, reputation management was broad and difficult. Partners were further expanding their empire into developing resorts and building a shared-work, WeWork type, real estate in Malaysia.


  • Developed a proactive reputation-recovery plan that incorporated new marketing strategies and a program to train team members to respond appropriately to enquiries regarding the company.
  • Instigated successful cease and desist legal response to the slander from competitors.
  • Built a business plan to separate resort development and shared-work real estate portfolio from the parent company.
  • Substantially improved SERP ranking.

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