Leadership Impact

  • We can help you shape your team, engage with peers and business leaders to position Marketing as a core strategic business function.
  • We can help you develop the perspective and gravitas you need to have a voice that’s listened to at the Boardroom table.
  • We can help you shape desired behaviours and culture of those around you and help you help your team to develop as a Centre of Excellence.

Marketing Performance

  • We can work with you to ensure that marketing strategy and plans are geared for maximum commercial performance.
  • We can help ask the right questions, select the right methodologies and learn the lessons you need to deliver success.
  • We can help you chose the right tools and technologies to deliver continuous improvement in marketing performance.

Personal Growth

  • We can help you with your personal goals and provide coaching and mentoring based on long term experience and success.
  • We can work with you to develop key members of your team and ensure you and your business have the right resource to help you build long term success.
  • We can act as your trusted counselor to discuss the future confidentially.

Network Access

  • We can introduce you to our own network of senior marketing and business leaders around the world.
  • We can help you grow your own network and advise on how to build your profile in line with how you wish to be positioned with key audiences.
  • We can recommend insight and information sources  to extend your reach.

How it works

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How We Helped

How We Helped Example – Others needed


The business was a medium size company offering pensions, investment and protection advice to UK clients through a network of Financial Advisors.

The business had been acquired by a larger financial services group to add to its portfolio.

The CEO who had been in place for many years under previous ownership was due to retire and was to be replaced by a leader from the new parent group.

The Head of Marketing had been with the business for 2 years and recently promoted from a sales support role.

The Challenge

The Head of Marketing was highly regarded within the business but had operated with a largely tactical and responsive scope to date.

Marketing capability in the business was viewed as lagging expertise and dynamism vs other Group businesses.

Post acquisition the Head of Marketing had established a positive rapport with a new COO appointed from the parent company.

Through COO introduction the Head of Marketing was able to engage a CMO Whisperer from gigCMO to develop a new agenda.

The Outcome

  • Starting with a brainstorm session with HOM and CCO we helped create a ”Genesis” Plan to establish a new beginning for Marketing. This included:
  • Leveraging group resources to upgrade CRM and drive improvements in sales leads volume & quality.
  • Introduced a rolling 12 month marketing activity calendar covering core proposition content management.
  • Created video content featuring new CEO delivering internal/external messaging which formed basis of brand story.
  • Established Marketing & Sales Committee chaired by HOM which reported regularly on Marketing performance and planning to CEO/COO.