In-Space Trade & Investment between the UK & Switzerland

8th June 2023
12:30pm for 1:30pm
12:30pm - 1:30pm /
Space-Comm Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre
Etps Rd, Farnborough GU14 6FD

In-Space Trade & Investment between the UK & Switzerland

Delivering UK In-Space Business Growth from the Centre of Europe

Centred around the city of Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva, there is a dynamic and innovative in-space Swiss eco-system that wants to engage with UK space networks actively.

Key focus areas include a specialist workforce of engineers and technicians, a unique government offset funding programme, extensive academic and R&D connections, substantial corporate partnerships, and an open and flexible business climate full of growth and investment opportunities.

This private roundtable led by Innovaud, the economic development agency for the region, will explore these extensive and unique opportunities in trade and investment for UK companies to build collaborative European partnerships and market growth.

To register your interest in attending the roundtable session, click the "Register now" button on this page and complete the form. Please note that to attend this roundtable, you will need to be registered as a visitor for Space-Comm Expo. More details can be found here.

Why Should You Attend

  • Access a dynamic and innovative in-Space community
  • Connect to extensive academic, R&D and accelerator programmes
  • Meet in-Space Corporate Partners and Investors
  • Engage with a specialist workforce of engineers and technicians
  • Understand how the unique Swiss Government’s Offset Funding scheme works

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