North America Digital & Tech Expansion Virtual 1-2-1 Connector Workshop - Day 1

28th - 29th June 2023
3:00pm for 7:00pm
3:00pm - 7:00pm /
Online Zoom,

North America Digital & Tech Expansion Virtual 1-2-1 Connector Workshop - Day 1

Get Digital & Tech Success in North America in 2023!

With North American digital markets growing at a staggering 21.98% per annum, reaching US$ 1122.85 Billion by 2027 is the perfect time for UK tech and digital platforms to land and expand into the US and Canada!

Designed specifically for owner-managed Digital & Tech high-growth businesses, these virtual workshops will give you game-changing 1-2-1 advice on;

  • Location Services & Business Development – Find the best city to launch & grow your tech business from, connect with specialist business development networks, sales & marketing experts
  • Regulation & Compliance – Understand the city by city risks & opportunities in terms of set-up, IP, immigration, tax, banking & audit requirements
  • Access Funding & Talent – Explore the different city/state grants, funding & talent networks via local investors, economic development boards, universities & accelerator programmes

Why Should You Attend


Connect with in-country experts who will deliver invaluable advice, guidance and insights to help fill knowledge gaps and maximise your chances of success.

  • Meet specialist Sales, Business Development & Localisation Experts in Miami, San Francisco, Baltimore & Toronto
  • Talk to key Tech Hubs, R&D Institutions & Investor Networks in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Richmond, Indianapolis, St Paul, Austin, Phoenix & Vancouver
  • Access Federal Government Networks & UK Embassy/Consulate in Washington & Los Angeles
  • Understand Risk, Operational, Banking & Regulatory options from US Attorneys, Accountants & Grant Funders in Minneapolis, Chicago & Tucson

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GTM Global helps UK companies expand internationally and supports overseas companies looking to set up or do business in the UK and Europe.

They provide access to workshops, resources and partners within their ecosystem and offer a range of business development services to support scale-ups, as well as work with government bodies, economic development agencies, FDI organisations and independent trade bodies to deliver virtual trade missions, business development services and deal flow for inward-investment.