North American Life Sciences Expansion Virtual Connector Workshops - Day 2

13th September 2023
2:00pm for 6:00pm
2:00pm - 6:00pm /
Online Zoom

North American Life Sciences Expansion Virtual Connector Workshops - Day 2

Opportunities in Clinical Research, Biotech, Bio-medical Sciences and MedTech

The demand in the US and Canada for innovative Clinical Research, Biotech, Bio-medical Sciences and Med-tech has never been greater.

Discover why Prince William County (PWC), Virginia USA – strategically located near Washington DC – is THE LOCATION to access lucrative North American Lifesciences Markets.

Register to attend PWC's interactive workshop programme, which launches and gives you access to their in-person Mission to Spain, this September.

PWC offers a robust ecosystem and valuable assets for the life sciences industry – enabling cutting edge research in biotechnology, biomedical sciences, clinical trials and more – at a significantly lower cost than other hubs in the United States.

Designed specifically for Health-tech, Clinical Research, and Healthcare companies from Spain / Europe, this GTM Global virtual workshop offers game-changing bespoke connectivity from PWC in terms of;

  • Clinical Trials & Business Development – Find out why PWC is one of the top US locations for clinical trials with its wet labs, accelerators, and incubators, and connect with specialist business development networks, sales, and marketing experts to then scale your services across the US and Canada.
  • Access Funding & Talent – Access PWC’s $20 Million grant money and over $56 Million county investment in life sciences infrastructure that’s also aligned to a top talent and R&D pool.
  • Capital Location – You’ll make all the right connections from PWC, located at the heart of the National Capital Region, 20 miles from Dulles international airport, 30 miles from National Institutes of Health and less than 20 miles west of Washington DC.
  • Regulation & Compliance - Understand statutory requirements & mitigate risk in terms of set-up, IP, immigration, tax, banking, and audit.

Why You Should Attend


Connect with in-country experts who will deliver invaluable advice, guidance, and insights on the Prince William County (PWC) ecosystem to fill knowledge gaps and maximise your chances of success.

  • Talk to key Biotech, Bio-medical & MedTech Hubs, R&D Institutions & Investor Networks in PWC
  • Access Federal Government & Military Healthcare Networks, Accelerator Programmes in Washington DC
  • Meet specialist Sales, Business Development & Localisation Experts to grow from PWC across the US and Canada.
  • Understand Risk, Operational, Banking & Regulatory options from US Attorneys, Accountants & Grant Fundersto land and expand from PWC.

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