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Paul Mosenson

Although based outside Philadelphia, my clients are regional, national, and international – and opportunities to travel and meet new people make my work exciting.

I’ve been in marketing since 1984 – and have enjoyed more than 35 years helping companies grow and become more profitable. From my early days in franchise marketing to my middle years running media programs at ad agencies and then the last few years running NuSpark Marketing and NuSpark Media, I offer clients an experienced, well-rounded, ROI-driven marketing consultant that stays current with the latest in martech and adtech platforms.

But, it’s not just the tools; it’s the deep understanding of how to align buyer needs with your message and offers. Together we will drive quality traffic to your site and increase the conversion rate in order to increase your profitability.

If you are in the States looking at growing overseas, I can help you do that. If you are overseas and looking at growing your footprintat United States I can help you do that and if you are in the States and looking at growing within the States I can help you do that too!  How?It’s called “Buyers’ Journey Optimisation”. I manage everything that goes in between when the prospects decide to click on a messageall the way through conversionwhich is a “Submit” (button) - I want to do business with you and everything in between: the message, your website, the channels that you use and everything that drives conversion. I will help you grow. That’s what I do

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How Paul can help grow your business

I am a results-driven and ROI-focused professional that grows clients, B2B and B2C, through optimal strategies and inbound marketing tactics, demand generation, lead generation, account-based marketing, SEO, paid search, social media, media planning, media buying, conversion optimization, and sales through lead nurturing/marketing automation. Based on my analysis, we’ll provide you strategic direction and tactical execution. All efforts will be measured and optimized for success.

All through my years I have been going the extra mile, above and beyond, to ensure that you are getting the absolute best work ethic for the value.


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