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How we helped

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MarTech Platform


The leadership team of a marketing automation platform was uncertain whether or not they were ready to justify the investment in the UK market.

They had succeeded in a number of neighbouring countries and thought they had a robust propositon.


Business Risk

The UK was a "showcase" market that had the potential to drain the resources of the business. 


gigCMO RoundTable's Advice

The gap between the clients current approach and the market requirement was far more significant than expected. As the client stated "We thought we were ready but clearly not. We have delayed the launch while we address significant issues raised. As important, they are issues that we need to address in our home market as well"



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Transition from Founder


The majority owner and founder of a specialist research company wanted to ensure clients valued the whole team at the company and not just her. At this point, her personal involvement in project delivery had become critical to winning new clients


Business Risk 

The company would not be able to grow if the clients only wanted the involvement of the founder.


gigCMO RoundTable's Advice

The company had not invested sufficiently in content creation and it was only the founder who had a public reputation.

A content strategy was developed to highlight the experience and capabilities of other members of the team.

The founder remained involved in closing of the deals but was no longer required to manage the programme delivery.


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Financial data provider


A software provider from Europe wanted to enter the financial data market in the UK. They thought they had a good understanding of the UK market since they are based in Europe, but then realised that they were still perceived as "foreign". 


Business Risk

A failed entry would undermine their reputation if they could not make it in the leading financal services center in the world.

Investment would be wasted.


gigCMO RoundTable's Advice

Do not enter with multiple brands and propositions but establish a beach head with a propositon that had clear potential and was readily differentiated from existing solutions in the market.

Target smaller clients to gain traction before reaching out to "trophy" clients.

Identify super users and provide them free access to the product.

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Live streaming platform


A live streaming provider wanted to enter the UK market. The firm has been very successful within the pharmaceutical industry in its home country including with international subsidiaries of UK headquartered firms.


Business Risk

The firm would need to make a major investment in production equipment if it enters the UK market. It has a number of competing investment priorities and must choose where to invest its limited resources.


gigCMO RoundTable's Advice

The UK market is very competitive and the comparative advantage it has in its home country does not exist in the UK. Therefore, it was recommended not to proceed with establishing a permanent presence in the UK.

A strategy of targeting existing clients in home country who were UK subsidiaries was recommended and attempt to gain a referral to their UK headquarters was implemented.

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