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How a fractional CMO can supercharge your Board of Directors

Market changes tend to come about in one of two ways. They’re either evolutionary, in which case they’re subtle, but if you’re paying attention you should have time to adapt to them. Or they are dramatic, in which case there’s a danger of panicking and making poor decisions one way or the other. An external consultant, like a fractional CMO can provide a checks and balances process, as well as strategic input, and in doing so they supercharge the Board of Directors by bringing an informed outside perspective.
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Fast forward to the future: will your business still exist?

Today your business may not exist at all if it does not exist digitally. A digital presence, visibility, ease of access and ease of use of your business are more important than ever. When we are discussing digital, we are talking about your business model in the new world we live in.
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Hey CEO! Is marketing part of the problem or part of the solution?

Rumour has it that more than half of companies are planning to cut marketing jobs over the next three months in response to the financial impact of Covid-19. If that’s the case in your business, the chances are you weren’t using your marketing team effectively in the first place, but a little help from a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer might help get you on track.
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A C-Suite Confidant - The CEO Whisperer

A customer driven CEO Whisperer can be a powerful way for senior business leaders to tip the odds in their favour. 
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Does cutting back marketing costs have to mean doing more with less?

Summer’s over and we’re all heading back to work. Coronavirus is still here as is the uncertainty is has created. As a result, many businesses are rolling up their sleeves and rethinking their spending in order to move forward. However, does cutting back costs have to mean doing less? A change in the way you do things and the help of a Fractional CMO might mean the opposite.
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How can marketing talent on demand help SMEs succeed in the US market?

gigCMO welcomes digital marketing expert Paul Mosenson to our team of Fractional Chief Marketing Officers.
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Marketing investment in the age of COVID19

While it may seem counter intuitive, one of the key pieces of advice our Fractional CMOs are offering businesses, is not to stop marketing right now, but to look at how to increase your marketing return on investment (ROI).
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What are the benefits to your business of a Fractional CMO?

No business can afford part time marketing but they can afford a part-time marketing director or an interim marketing director or a part time CMO or an interim CMO.
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