Boosting sales ROI with no additional investment


If there was a way to drive a 5-10% top-line revenue increase short-term would you take action? Of course you would and according to McKinsey&Co., there is a strategy to do just that.

The attached article articulates a view that working with the sales team to design meaningful metrics not only for the broader sales team but for each individual representative, can improve the efficiency and success of the sales process.

Alignment to the right opportunities and improved overall performance through the use of existing digital tools (video for training for example) and analytics (CRM for example) can lead to better performance with no additional investment.

Authors of the article Bertil Chappuis, Steve Reis, Maria Valdivieso De Uster, and Michael Viertler identified four key areas for improvement, based on the experience with companies that managed to successfully increase ROI of their sales investments, and these growth tactics are in line with gigCMO experience.

1. Provide insights that sales reps need

2. Use digital to enable what matters for each sales rep

3. Use data to prioritize and personalize capability building

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate

You can read more about these four ways digital and analytics can radically accelerate a successful change at McKinsey&Co. Boosting your sales ROI: How digital and analytics can drive new performance and growth