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The Roundtable of Chief Marketing Officers

Many businesses have survived and prospered because in their history the founder had a very big idea and was relentless in the pursuit of their vision. These initial successes provided the momentum for continued success.

"Gradually then suddenly" to quote a character from Ernest Hemingways' novel "The Sun Also Rises",  that original spark is lost. Yes, everyone continues to work hard and do their best. However, something changes when a group of people work together for a period of time.

It may be that the culture of the firm begins to be a barrier to the outside world and any challenge to "our way of doing things" is gradually filtered out. No one notices at first as the company continues to succeed and prosper. However, slowly there is more and more of a disconnect as customer acquisition slows or some customers do not return.

It could be that the founder is still there but so involved that she no longer can pay attention to everything so only devotes her time to some things. She probably chooses those that are most in her comfort range.

Any founder is always admired for their initial success. Many people are in awe of what has been achieved so far. The founder also becomes more and more self-confident as the business continues to grow. Gradually, there is a disconnect from the competitive marketplace and business development requires more effort.

Whether your firm suffers from groupthink or a lack of proven marketing expertise your key projects and initiatives will suffer. You may have a very big idea that is world beating. But there is a lack of objectivity about how best to market the product or services. Are you certain the customer journey will lead to your door?

A roundtable of marketing experts is one way to get the smartest marketing brains on your initiative. Up until recently, it also remained a very nice "theoretical" idea but the gig economy has changed all that.

At gigCMO, we have developed a number of fractional CMO services to access a part time CMO or an interim marketing director. All at a fraction of the cost of what you would expect.

Our gigCMO RoundTable offers four key benefits:

1) An outside perspective.

Our fractional CMOs collaborate in peer review to vet your strategy and execution plans. You gain access to the best ideas - from within your industry or beyond to ensure proven results

2)  No long term commitment.

This Executive-As-A-Service model lets you tap into the best marketing and sales minds cost effectively.

3) High return on investment.

Our CMO Roundtable sessions last between 1-2 hours. Normally, you could not hire a CMO for only 2 hours much less a number of them.

4) Speed of response.

We are available when you need us.

Whether or not it is looking at the marketing strategy or key elements of the go-to-market programme such as digital marketing or the social media programme, our team of marketing brains will help you ensure the greatest chance of success.

At gigCMO, we  are motivated by your challenges. When we come to your business we're not coming with ego and an agenda to compete within the business. We are here to help you succeed against your competitors.

We understand marketing - the strategy and the tactics. We understand the role marketing technology (martech) plays in the business. We bring a very valuable outside perspective. We understand that special feeling when you are winning in the marketplace.

You need marketing brainpower and gigCMO has it.

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