Fit for Purpose – The CEO Who Listened To His Inner Voice


To lead any team – be it a profit or not for profit, a sports team or the local kids football team – requires an understanding of what will motivate the team members. It is challenging and it is not for everyone. Think of the great sport coaches – constantly taking their teams to higher levels. Think of political leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt – they had to transform their countries into war machines for the greater good to defeat an existential enemy.

A wonderful example from the world of business is T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “He was tasked with turning around the company that was firmly in fourth place among the United States’ four biggest wireless carriers, and he decided that it would require an overhaul of everything about the company, from the product to the corporate culture.”

The only way for this to be credible was to also transform himself to demonstrate that the people could change, the company could change and it could prosper. This wasn’t about financial re-engineering or about cutting costs, this was a purposeful transformation to ensure the company had a sustainable future.

As he said one day he just “snapped”. The truth could no longer be hidden. It was his moment and he seized it.

How many times have companies failed because the leadership was not really willing to accept what was required and the self-sacrifice involved? Who preferred the slow death spiral than the bold action because the slow death spiral allowed a sense of normalcy and comfort.

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