Fractional CMOs add up


A warm welcome to the latest gigCMO #Fractional #Chief #Marketing #Officer, Mikki Hall. She is an experienced global marketing and customer experience strategist with a wide sector background in retail, education, consumer and the third sector. Mikki can help clients focus on effective use of customer insight and analytics to deliver brand differentiation and data-driven marketing programmes. She specialises in optimising the customer journey bringing together both the internal (organisational process) perspective with the external (customer-driven) viewpoint to radically improve the end-to-end customer experience. Clients discover moments of truth that transform results.

In a world where talent and expertise applied at the right time in the right place can take your organisation to the next level, Mikki joins the ranks of Fractional CMO’s as demand increases for marketing capability applied in real-time to tackle strategic and critical phases of business growth.  And because we apply ourselves precisely to your requirement, Fractional CMO support comes at lower risk, lower cost and better value than conventional hire.