From Robocop to Hubspot – How to Use Your Marketing Technology to Drive Sales


Whether it’s keeping your CRM up to date or automating your social media, you don’t need different technology to your competitors, you just need to use it better than them. Here, CMTO (Chief Marketing Technology Officer), David explains why your technology is one of your most valuable marketing tools…

What are your specialist skills?

I specialise in software services for marketing technology. That means software selection, implementation and support. The selection part involves an analysis of every piece of software and every app an organisation uses, what they use it for and why. It’s about identifying gaps or problems. For example, a common one is that leadership is not getting the analytics they need to make informed business decisions.

How does that help companies?

Business and marketing leaders tend to come to me either because there’s been a change in leadership which has prompted an analysis of the way things are done. Or because the competition is beating them and they need to improve the effectiveness of their marketing.

The biggest service I offer is implementation. Selection can be an ongoing process, but the best options on the market make themselves known, like Hubspot. Implementation can be a real challenge though, especially for bigger items like CRM systems.

It may be that a company is moving away from an older platform or it might be their first proper CRM. Either way, it’s crucial to implement those systems properly and that’s where I can add the most value.

In software there are two elements of implementation; the software itself and the services. It’s best practice to work with certified third party partners as an extension of your team to implement the foundation pieces. Companies who try to do it internally without help often run into problems.

Over the last few years we’ve learned that online reviews and customer service are the new battle ground for sales. If you’re using yesterday’s technology to deliver an inferior customer experience, ultimately sales will suffer.

In order to be competitive in any industry, your systems and processes need to lead to a good customer experience. That means staying on top of technology and client expectations. If you drag behind then your competitors will deliver a better experience than you using the same tools.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy it when clients and their customers are delighted by a new piece of kit. They’re usually delighted because the newer technology is invariably easier to use, cheaper and works better than the old stuff. The challenge is that a lot of people don’t like change and winning those people over is what motivates me.

What does a gig approach bring to marketing leadership?

Software has gone through a major change in the last decade. It used to be that you hired, bought and built what you needed. Now you outsource and rent, because technology changes so fast you don’t want to be locked into people and systems that become obsolete.

Your company needs to be agile enough to change out the old pieces of the tech stack when necessary, and that’s why it makes sense to take a gig approach. There’s so many great apps out there, you don’t need your IT teams to build the software, you can simply rent.

What are you currently working on?

Until very recently I was doing the implementation and customer experience training for an online university using the Hubspot CRM. I spent a lot fo my time working with the CRO looking at marketing automation and e-commerce. The biggest trend at the moment is making the most of Hubspot, so I am particularly proud to be a Hubspot certified partner.

What do you do in your spare time?

I had baby twins last year so… what is spare time exactly? They’re toddling now and beginning to talk, so the family is my life at the moment. I also really enjoy detailing my car in a very nerdy way – it’s a Mercedes C250 and I could spend hours doing that!

What is the most recent book you have read that you would recommend?

The best book I have read is Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. I really enjoyed trying to understand the human condition and how societies work.  It shows you behind the curtain of how humans operate. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Favourite movie and why?

Robocop, because it’s got the best hero introduction of all time. If you watch the first 20 minutes of it, it’s the best intro story about a hero. The build-up is awesome.

Tell us one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I used to be an amateur musician. I played bass in a metal band… but I was never cool!