gigCMO Appoints Martin McGovern, Leading Financial Services Marketing Guru


With more than 30 years’ experience in marketing leadership roles in financial services Martin McGovern joins gigCMO’s team of Fractional CMOs this month. With senior roles at some of the leading brands in financial services BarclaysMerrill Lynch, BlackRock and Standard Life, he brings his unique expertise to clients seeking strategic interim marketing leadership support.

With broad industry experience he helps leading institutions in banking, investments and insurance to navigate periods of great prosperity, transition and economic decline with integrity. Martin’s experience spans both a wide industry sector understanding as well as an international one.

At Barclays, Martin worked in the core UK retail and commercial banking business as well as in campaign management in non banking areas including life & pensions, insurance and stock broking. He then took a position as Head of Marketing Communications at Barclays Africa, Middle East and Caribbean. Martin’s final role at Barclays encompassed global responsibilities as the Group’s first Head of International Brand Management.

After leaving Barclays, Martin moved to Merrill Lynch Investment Managers as Director of International Marketing during the period where they were negotiating a merger to become BlackRock, the largest asset management firm in the world, partnering with teams in New York and London.

Martin then worked at Standard Life Investments for eight years, pivoting the franchise successfully from insurance and towards investments with a focus on channel marketing, calibrating the strategies for different sectors as well as regions.

Martin’s expert skills lie in a unique ability to identify and shape a financial services firm’s particular challenges, making sense of complexity by answering those two all-important questions: which part of the market are you after? And how are you going to get there?

Knowing that the strategy is only as effective as the execution, he is also adept at distilling complex brand marketing strategies into actionable, targeted plans that can be rolled out successfully across businesses of all sizes and in line with budgetary requirements.

Martin said: “GigCMO brings together senior marketing leaders from an amazingly diverse set of backgrounds. Being able to be part of that depth of expertise is truly exciting.”

gigCMO Founder, Mark Magnacca, said: “At gigCMO our job is to bring expert marketing skill to businesses of all sizes, from those who have the best experience in the industry, in a way that’s accessible on demand. Martin’s deep understanding of the challenges that financial services firm’s face in conveying their message to their different audiences, as well as his highly targeted way of identifying a challenge and taking it from a top line strategy to execution has been battle tested in the good times as well as the most challenging times. Experience like Martin’s is unique and very valuable to firms not just in financial services but across many professional services sectors. We know our clients will be extremely pleased with the results of engaging with our newest Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Martin McGovern and the depth he adds to our gigCMO roundtable.”

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