gigCMO appoints new content manager


As the gigCMO team continues to grow, the communication of its bank of experience and knowledge is set to be shared further with the appointment of a new content manager.

Bonnie Friend is an experienced editor and content manager, having worked amongst London’s leading consumer publishing organisations including The River Group on campaigns with Honda, and Hearst Magazines with the likes of George at ASDA.

Having trained in journalism, Bonnie’s career to date has encompassed both in-house and agency side roles as well as working independently for a number of years.

Bonnie joins gigCMO with extensive experience in and writing about the gig economy, and first collaborated with gigCMO’s founder Mark Magnacca on our book The Gig Economy – things you should know to make your business grow.

On working with gigCMO Bonnie said: “gigCMO is an advisory service made up of individuals with a wealth of knowledge and support to impart to businesses in a way that optimises all the best elements of gig working so that everyone can benefit. With such genuine enthusiasm, underpinned by successful track records in their own careers, the team offers a dynamic service and it is wonderful to be a part of communicating that message.”

gigCMO Founder, Mark Magnacca, said: “Bonnie has been an unofficial part of the team for 18 months and with knowledge and experience forming the foundation of what we do, it is fundamental to us that we have the right person amongst us to help relay our industry perspective in this exciting and changing world of work. I am very pleased that Bonnie has now joined the team in a more permanent manner as Content Manager.”