gigCMO appoints new procurement expert to groundbreaking consultancy team


gigCMO has appointed former TMW Unlimited Interim Finance Director, Paul Morrissey, to its team of fractional CMOs and as a leader in our new marketing procurement initiative.

Joining with expertise in marketing procurement, Paul joins the team with a heritage that includes roles as Interim Finance Director at both TMW Unlimited and Gravity Road, and well as as Finance Director at Frontera and Sourcing Director at EMEA, Vision Care and Johnson & Johnson.

With more than 15 years experience working both agency and client side as an agency owner, he has a proven passion and capability in improving and transforming the commercial performance of agencies. A financial leader and team player, he has strong people management skills and an ability to communicate financial concepts effectively at all levels of the business.

Joining gigCMO as we launch a proposition that will help clients manage marketing services procurement in a more cost effective manner, Paul’s expertise in both Finance and Operations is instrumental to the uniquely designed service.

He is an intrinsic part of the team that supports CMOs and CPOs to analyse their marketing ecosystem, make sure that they work with the right partners, and engineer a supply base fit to deliver business objectives in a market that’s more complex than ever before.

Paul Morrissey said: “This a great opportunity and unique offering as we speak the same language as the marketing team at the same time as having procurement expertise to help the CMO get the best from their marketing supply chain.”

gigCMO Founder, Mark Magnacca, said: “Paul’s industry knowledge is second to none and his nuanced understanding of agencies, the supply market and the financial mechanisms that underpin successful business models in a flexible and a adaptable market make him the procurement superhero that businesses of all sizes can benefit from.”