gigCMO events begin at WeWork this September


gigCMO is launching its first lunch and learn event this September, presenting and discussing the changing needs of business and how the rising gig economy can help to meet them in partnership with WeWork.

gigCMO’s central ethos is to support business leaders and decision makers to make their businesses grow and thrive. This event is an opportunity to discuss the types of challenge organisations come to us with and to contextualise them so that you can feel empowered about your next business decision.

Joining the like-minded and innovative team at work space innovators WeWork, gigCMO’s founder and director Mark Magnacca, author of The Gig Economy: Things you should know to make your business grow, will be leading the session. He will be accompanied by other members of the gigCMO team including Fractional CMO Carey Trevill who has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing agencies, with a sales driven approach and a track record developing businesses and driving profit from sustainable sources.

The event will see us discuss key trends that are impacting the industry, with practical insights into what business leaders and individuals can do to successfully navigate the ongoing changes, in a convivial environment designed for discussion.

Topics will include tech trends, why they matter and how you should apply them to your business. We will discuss essential marketing know-how to elevate your business including how GDPR and PECR are really affecting us all and channels every company should use. It will also be an opportunity for guests to grill gigCMO’s experienced team on everything from consumer marketing to business funding and how to obtain it.

This, the first event of its kind for gigCMO, will be a private event held exclusively for the teams at WeWork in Waterhouse Square, with more to come over the coming months addressing different areas on the gig economy and the things you should know to make your business grow.

gigCMO’s Carey Trevill said: “The way technology and the economy is changing can be overwhelming for even the most senior of business leaders. The team at gigCMO has the knowledge and skill not only help to drive innovation and strategy, but also to help businesses and their teams to make sense of the context in which they are making decisions. These events are designed to inspire and answer questions to help individuals and organisations to feel empowered and informed about planning their next strategic move.”

To organise an event with gigCMO or to organise a consultation with our advisory team contact:

Bonnie Friend
Content and Communications Manager, gigCMO

About WeWork

WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together. Like gigCMO WeWork is an innovator within the sharing economy, believing that CEOs can help each other, offices can use the comforts of home and that workspaces can offer flexibility at their buildings which have been transformed into dynamic environments around the world.