gigCMO now in the GCC


gigCMO is very pleased to have representation in Dubai to service the markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

gigCMO is a leading provider of fractional, interim or part-time, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officers who are international, battle tested, bottom line driven business leaders who provide strategic and tactical advice to CEOs of start-ups, scale ups and established firms.

Mark Magnacca, CEO and Founder of gigCMO said: “Given Dubai is a hyper-connected pro-business hub between East and West, is internationally recognised as the leading financial and trading centre at the heart of the world’s Islamic economy and Great Britain’s focus on growing trading relationships, it only makes sense for gigCMO to offer its services in the GCC. This will help our existing clients strengthen their businesses in the GCC as well provide GCC companies the opportunity to access our services more readily.”

Tom Smith, Fractional Chief Revenue Officer said: “Businesses in the Gulf are looking to transform their businesses to achieve higher levels of growth and the opportunity to be part of gigCMO is very exciting. In particular, I think the gigCMO RoundTable provides a great return on investment for firms looking to up their game and make sure they are ready to seize the opportunities in the UK and of course in the Gulf as well.”

About gigCMO

gigCMO provides business leadership to help companies transform, grow and achieve their financial objectives. The breadth and depth of our experience means clients get C-level expertise to suit their needs at a fraction of the cost of a single conventional hire.

gigCMO is located at 107 Cheapside in The Square Mile, the historic centre of London which is also known as the ‘City’ – the financial and commercial heart of the UK.