gigCMO’s Customer Experience (CX)… Experience


Customer Experience (CX) is not new, but it means a very different thing in 2018 compared to 10 years ago, defining the way marketeers seek to separate brands from one another.

With product now only one in a number of key elements along the customer journey, CX is an evermore nuanced and specialist area of knowledge and understanding – judged externally by what you do, and influenced internally by how you monitor it.  

Despite it’s universally recognised importance however, for many companies CX is an untapped area that can help drive real revenue growth through higher retention rates and increased sales, so long as you have the right knowledge and experience.

Done with sensitivity and insight, marketeers are able to go far beyond simply surveying customers to understand all levels of a company’s performance. At its best, CX is a holistic, 360 degree view of how customers see organisations, and with the insight it provides we can learn what is important to customers and then develop or change processes, products and interactions to meet and exceed their expectations.

Supporting this nuanced understanding of CX, for the last year, gigCMO’s Scott Magnacca, who has 25 years of sales leadership experience, has been on the Rutgers University Customer Experience Certificate Program Advisory Board ( It offers an innovative four-day, in-person program as well as an eight-week online session, and is a testament to Scott’s own experience, knowledge and understanding of a truly sophisticated sales process.

Scott says: “There is nothing easy about driving sustainable growth every year, but by focusing on the customer experience we can align the needs of customers to organisations in order to facilitate that growth.”