How a Marketing Roundtable with a Fractional CMO Can Drive Your Business Growth


It’s incredible what can come from a good chat. Whether it’s untying mental knots, putting plans together or finding creative inspiration, a conversation can be game-changing, and when it comes to marketing, who you have around the proverbial coffee table is everything.

Everything starts with an idea and a conversation, and this is where our marketing Roundtable concept began. During 2021, we have engaged in over 100 virtual roundtables with customers in various industries.

We talk to founders, board members and of course leaders from the C-suite including CEOs, CFOs, and COOs. Most are scale ups and SMEs as well as a few venture capitalists. Feedback to date has been tremendous, with teams and individuals leaving the sessions with new ideas, informed action plans, and a reinvigorated sense of purpose. So what makes this conversation so powerful?

What is a marketing roundtable?

Our marketing roundtables are group events that bring together some of the best marketing minds with business owners and industry leaders to help them gain an outside perspective on strategic marketing and business questions and provide quick, actionable feedback.

It’s a unique opportunity to harness the expertise and brainpower of several of our Fractional CMOs. It allows founders and CEOs to access multiple business and marketing experts, hand-selected to suit your discussion, validate an idea, provide candid feedback to a potential pitch, or get valuable insights into a new market within one to three hours virtually.

The whole session is subject to a non-disclosure agreement, so your ideas are protected. Afterwards, you’re given a recording of the session, key discussion points, and we arrange a follow up to discuss results.

Why join a marketing roundtable with our Fractional CMOs?

These sessions are essentially a way of getting a massive injection of marketing expertise in a condensed space of time and with a comparatively small financial investment. The purpose is to supercharge your existing team with more than 100 years of sales and marketing experience concentrated on your business issue or opportunity for the duration of the session.

Benefits include:

An outside perspective

Our fractional CMOs collaborate to vet your strategy and execution plans, giving you access to the best ideas from within your industry or beyond to ensure results.

No long-term commitment

As an Executive-As-A-Service model, the Roundtable lets you tap into the best marketing and sales minds on a part-time or interim basis.

High Return on Investment

Our CMO roundtable sessions last between one and two hours, giving you access to over 100 years of sales and marketing experience, focused entirely on your business or project.

Fast response

Whether it is a significant strategic decision driving overall profitability or a smaller initiative targeting quarterly objectives, the Roundtable gives you access when you need it as well as immediate feedback.

You can choose to make it a one-off session, periodically run roundtables, or enhance the opportunity by engaging on a part-time basis with an interim marketing director afterwards. The sessions are intended to help you achieve the following:

  • Validate your market expansion plans
  • Stress test your new investor deck
  • Deliver an effective marketing strategy by challenging thinking with an outside perspective
  • Generate new ideas and shake up internal thinking
  • Access support and feedback from marketing experts with proven expertise

For some, these sessions are about injecting life into stale ideas. For some, it’s about troubleshooting. Others find it a helpful way to stress test their next big idea - whether it’s market expansion or creating a new product. For young businesses looking to scale up, accessing experience and wisdom of gigCMO’s marketing leaders - Fractional CMOs - in this way is an excellent opportunity to benefit from strategic marketing input without the cost of a full-time marketing director as well.

Who has benefited from our marketing roundtable events?

Our roundtable services have only been formally offered for the past two years, and are a unique offering amongst marketing consultancy firms. What our data shows so far is to validate our understanding of the challenges faced by business leaders - in that most organisations crave a qualified outside opinion at different junctures in their development, whether they’re start-ups, scale-ups or established businesses. To date, we have found that:

  • North America accounts for a majority of the expansion regions
  • The majority of companies who have accessed our roundtable services are located in the UK
  • Most of the companies looking at APAC are considering Singapore as a base to jump start their success in the region
  • Founders are most often found in our group discussions, as well as CEOs

Whatever your need, why not consider joining a virtual CMO roundtable discussion to address the wants and needs of your business, and you can learn from other business and marketing experts


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