How can marketing talent on demand help SMEs succeed in the US market?


gigCMO welcomes digital marketing expert Paul Mosenson to our team of Fractional Chief Marketing Officers. Paul is located in the US with an outstanding track record in assisting SMEs to grow profitably.

With more than 30 years of success in growing businesses, Philadelphia based Mosenson is ready to assist UK firms exporting to the US. In addition, for US firms looking to new export opportunities in the UK and Europe, Paul provides access to gigCMO’s international team.

During his 30-year career, Paul has been working with companies in healthcare, tourism, non-profit and in both B2B and B2C.

Since 2011, he has run strategic media planning and buying agency, for digital and traditional media, NuSpark Media, specialising in driving cost-efficient results.

He also has an empathetic knowledge of the pressures faced by business owners and the support they need at different stages of their business growth cycle.

Paul, like the other gigCMO Fractional Chief Marketing Officers works effectively with an existing team and can also identify the freelance talent required in an organisation without in-house support.

He will then work with them to deliver a practical strategy and support its implementation by bringing sales and marketing together to maximise the return on marketing investment.

Paul says: “My niche is companies that need immediate help in generating sales. My talent is in bringing best practice tools and processes that work in any industry to ensure a robust sales funnel leading to higher conversions and revenue.”

gigCMO Founder, Mark says: “Paul is a unique talent who understands digital marketing, digital media and has great empathy with clients. His deep knowledge of the marketing technology stack and available solutions will ensure any organisations return on investment will be optimised. We know many of our existing clients will be pleased to have a partner on the ground in the US to contribute to their export success.”

At gigCMO, we are motivated by your challenges. When we come to your business we're not coming with ego and an agenda to compete within the business. We are here to help you succeed against your competitors.

We understand marketing - the strategy and the tactics. We understand the role marketing technology (martech) plays in the business. We bring a very valuable outside perspective. We understand that special feeling when you are winning in the marketplace.

You need marketing brainpower and gigCMO has it.


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