How to Create a Dynamic Marketing Department


One of the significant challenges for businesses is keeping their teams, particularly their marketing departments, up-to-date. The public mood and ways of communicating develop and change quickly, especially over the last couple of years. With customers being ever more sensitive to their brand experiences, the need for marketing departments to be dynamic enough to move quickly but to remain true to their brand values and core business objectives is more important than ever.

In this article, we wanted to look at the role of a marketing consultant or marketing consultancy and explore how they can help to make your marketing department more dynamic. Working in tandem with your team, rather than in competition with them, the right solution can help to future proof your organisation, enhance messaging and drive sales in a swiftly changing world.

What is a marketing consultant?

First up, let's cover the basics. What is a marketing consultant? A marketing consultant is someone outside your organisation, either an individual or a dedicated agency, who analyses your business and marketing strategy. They then make recommendations based on what appears to be working, missing or where they can see new opportunities.

Areas they will look at might include your:

  • Target audience
  • Brand messaging
  • Presence in the market

We are a little different at gigCMO because we are all commercially driven business leaders who have come up through the marketing side of diverse businesses - firms just like yours - who understand the need to deliver an ROI and generate cash for the business to survive and prosper! We refer to our marketing experts as Fractional CMOs. We can help in various capacities, from a Roundtable discussion and recommendation session to a part-time marketing director function.

We are not individual consultants working alone, so we have the capacity, manpower and breadth of skill that go with a team of experts. However, we are not an enormous agency either. These characteristics mean we are more cost-effective and are more interested in working with your team of business leaders and your marketing department than replacing them.

What kind of work do the marketing consulting firms do?

Marketing consultants can be brought in for several reasons, ranging from exploring new opportunities to troubleshooting and crisis management. In whichever scenario you approach them, marketing consultants seek to devise, plan, and help implement marketing strategies while your marketing department remains entirely in control of the day-to-day execution of the projects and tasks.
Ways marketing experts can support your business include:

Audit and analysis

You might want their help to audit your existing practises and strategic capabilities to see if or where there are any gaps and to make sure you're not missing a trick anywhere.


They may be recruited to problem solve. If you find that business is dwindling, you have had a marketing disaster or a reputation crisis, you may employ the services of a marketing consultant. They provide an outside perspective, understand where things went wrong and bring fresh vision to the table. 

Specific campaigns, projects and opportunities 

You may also want a marketing consultancy to help you meet a specific goal or plan for a particular project or campaign. It might be market expansion, introducing a new product or service, or launching a new brand.
At gigCMO, we take our services a step further to empower businesses and make marketing departments more dynamic. As we work with business leaders on a strategy directly linked to business goals, we also provide a vital element of knowledge transfer
This is helpful both to start-ups and established businesses as it will help improve internal thinking and communications around marketing, making actions more effective and cost-effective and improving the valuable skill sets within the company as a whole.

How does a marketing consultancy support marketing?

To some extent, how a marketing consultancy works depends on the individual or organisation. For the most part, they will help to:
  • Validate or re-affirm the value proposition
  • Clarify the target market
  • Create a detailed marketing plan
  • Determine marketing messaging
  • Identify the marketing mix
The execution of the marketing plan is then down to your marketing department. However, a Fractional CMO or interim marketing director can operate differently by providing strategic guidance, working alongside senior management to help them take control of daily tasks, and providing leadership input at critical junctures moving forward. 
This way of working is particularly valuable for creating a dynamic marketing solution and having an agile marketing approach that responds to the changing climate and any significant events.

What are the key characteristics of a dynamic marketing department?

To us, a dynamic marketing department needs to be:
  • Clear on its values and its business objectives
  • Understand which skills it needs in-house and which you can outsource
  • Have access to skills and strategic capabilities that allow for scalability
  • Remain cognizant of their position in the market and changing events that may impact them
  • Transparent, involved and invested leadership that makes marketing a priority in the boardroom

As marketing experts with hundreds of years of collective experience in brand leadership positions, our team has a track record supporting businesses in different and changing environments. The combination of expertise and flexibility makes our services accessible whilst also showing a direct link to tangible benefits and results. If you would like to learn more about how we work and how we can help your business grow, contact us by following the link below.