Martech, adtech, madtech? What your business needs to know about marketing technology


We’ve heard of martech and adtech but what about madtech? The convergence of marketing and advertising is an age old debate, and it’s back with a whole new buzzword. So how do you wade through the jargon and find the right marketing technology for your business?

The increasing number of platforms available is changing the way we talk and think about marketing and advertising. The two crossover in more ways than ever before. Especially when it comes to the technologies associated with them.

For example, ad serving software was originally designed for banner adverts on websites complete with targeting, tracking codes, A-B testing and so forth. It’s been around for more than 20 years but it’s being superseded by Facebook and LinkedIn campaign tools.

Facebook campaign manager has added a new strand to the conversation. Is it marketing? Is it advertising? Most would describe it as a social campaign. However, if similar paid content was distributed across a more traditional platform, it would be advertising. Talk about an identity crisis.

Nonetheless, companies need to take all these different avenues for self promotion and decide which they intend to use and how they want to use them. A fundamental part of that strategy is choosing the right technology.

So where do you start?

It begins with your CRM system and the scale of your company.

Many leaders choose software based on what they were most familiar with in last job or what’s the most popular platform at that time. When you speak with a consultant with a wider knowledge of the industry, you may well find that there are other systems that have similar functions but that will integrate better with your existing system or objectives.

The four biggest mistakes companies make when choosing a CRM system are thinking:

  • I’ve used it before so I will use it now
  • My friends use this so it must be the best
  • We’ve always done it this way
  • It’s the biggest brand in the marketplace so it must be good

Marketing technologies for SMEs

Choosing the right solution is personal to individual organisations, and for SMEs there are a number of affordable tools available. However, if you’re a relatively small business with relatively small amounts of data and processors, then it’s hard to beat Hubspot for an all-in-one solution.

  • It’s start up friendly
  • It contains all the tools to scale up and track the growth.
  • It includes a suite of adtech including blog posting, email, social media, tracking and analytics, and contrasting them with google analytics.
  • It’s got everything in one place

Marketing technologies for larger companies

If you’re a much larger organisation, you are likely to already have a sophisticated CRM like Salesforce in place. You likely also have teams of staff trained to use them.

You may then use a series of different platforms and upload and compare information. Marketing managers are used to doing that across an average of seven or eight applications in order to execute a marketing strategy.

This process may work or could be improved by individual changes or making better use of the capabilities of different platforms. Alternatively, they could be rationalised by integrating and simplifying to more modern system.

Planning your marketing technology strategy

Either way, experience tells us that one of the most the important things is pre-planning that technology strategy in the same way that you would a brand or marketing engagement strategy. Technology should be given the same level of consideration, because choosing the wrong set up can be very costly. Just consider the amount of training and implementation that goes into each system. If new technology is not going to integrate well with the rest of your set up, it can be a very expensive learning curve.

The good news is that everyone has the same challenges and we can help you navigate them from choosing the right technologies to training and implementation.