Pre-hire options for HR Directors


Talent acquisition is a big deal for many growing enterprises. Getting recruitment right can be a time-consuming and costly business, and for the HR Director tasked with the search there can be a lot of pressure to fill a role fast and effectively. Personality assessments and checking a candidate’s skills and fit for the organisation are all key to the future success of the firm. The more senior the position, the harder the fall if something goes awry in the race for talent. Which it’s why it is ever more crucial to find a culture:candidate match made in heaven.

We’re living in a fast-paced digital world and when getting the right permanent hire can take up to a year from start to finish, HRD’s need more options to ensure business continuity whilst finding that perfect match.

Fortunately there’s a whole new gig economy supply of experienced talent. Individuals who have elected to approach their careers on a fractional basis, with a fusion of interim, part-time and project-based roles. These are not consultants but real-world practitioners, schooled in blue-chip businesses, highly-qualified and passionate about helping others succeed.

At gigCMO we specialise in applying Chief Marketing Officer brains into organisations that need an injection of talent to fill a marketing leadership gap. Often it’s in that tricky space between “fire and hire”, where we can provide that cushion of support to allow the HRD to follow-through on that all important permanent hire, but without losing momentum in the business whilst that process unfolds.

With our CMO’s, marketing capability is taken as read and must be broad and deep. Where we differ is that we hand-pick for high levels of soft skills so we join the executive team fast and effectively.

If you’d like a CMO just like that as a pre-hire solution whilst you find your permanent candidate, talk to us gigCMO