The CEO Who Asks The Right Marketing Questions


Marketing with a capital M

The most successful businesses are very good at creating and keeping customers. When Peter Drucker wrote those words he encapsulated what many CEOs already knew. Marketing is at the heart of any business. We don’t mean the marketing department but we do mean the thinking that underpins what marketing is all about.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines marketing as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Every 5 years this august body brings together the leading academicians from around the world to ensure the definition remains robust and relevant. 

Of course, marketing has its different elements and Mad Men was reflective of the advertising industry at a time when print and soon television dominated the landscape. That world didn’t last as long as media buying soon started to have as much impact as the creative. Today, the big players are not on Madison Avenue in New York or in SOHO in London but they are in Silicon Valley or near Kings Cross in London - Facebook, Google etc. 

Most CEO’s in FMCG companies have come up through marketing and they get it. Marketing strategy, marketing planning. They probably were the Chief Marketing Officer prior to their promotion to the top job. Leaders in professional services intimately understand the importance of business development and strong customer relationships although they may think of “marketing” as the department who does the creative stuff. Other firms and industries have varying degrees and knowledge of Marketing

COVID19 has changed the way many businesses work and the physical place has lost it pride of place as representative of the business itself. What has become clear to everyone is how digital the world has become. It had been lurking under the surface and we had slowly been adapting and surprised at how easy some things could be when they were digitised. However, the pandemic caused a seismic change in our behaviour and understanding of how our world works. Firstly, we are social animals and secondly knowledge is no longer bound by time and space. 

The smart CEOs are now rapidly developing an ability to tap into professional experience and wisdom through services such as gigCMO’s CEO Whisperer programme. 

Whether you are concerned about groupthink, lack a sounding board or uncertain on some of the big investment decisions coming from the marketing and sales teams, leading CEOs and C-suite executives now have an impartial, discrete and confidential service to tap into in the UK, US and Canada. 

At gigCMO, we understand marketing - the strategy and the tactics. We understand the role marketing technology (martech) plays in the business. We bring a very valuable outside perspective. 

Given the importance of marketing spend and ensuring the return on marketing investment is optimal, isn’t it time your marketing team realises they are dealing with an informed CEO?

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