The Gig Economy – Things You Should Know to Make Your Business Grow


As the gig economy continues to grow and evolve, gigCMO has launched a new book that explores the things you should know about the sharing economy in order to make your business grow.

The Gig Economy discusses the benefits that fractional talent brings to companies, from its genealogy and its early iterations to its pitfalls and the best ways to make it work for you, drawing on the expertise of gigCMO founder Mark Magnacca and the world leading CMOs that form the advisory team that gigCMO itself brings to businesses.

Mark’s own expertise working in business growth and development around the world, as well as the guiding support of the gigCMO team, whose experience at world-leading blue chip organisations as well as start-ups that came to dominate the landscape in their respective fields, forms the backbone of the book and gives an insight into the founding basis of gigCMO itself.

From what the gig economy is, to how to navigate it, optimising gig working within the C-suite to the socio-economic changes that have altered Millennial working culture demands, from the impact of digitisation to the best way to leverage new talent, the mindset that makes gig working a success within an organisation, and the next destination for the gig economy’s own ongoing evolution, gigCMO’s book helps companies to cultivate the right headspace to ultimately create a sustainable business model for the future.

The book is available in print and as an e-book for Kindle and iPad on Amazon.

Mark says: “The Gig Economy aims to help individuals and business leaders to really understand how this new way of working has come about; what drives it, what makes it interesting, and where it can work for them. It takes gig working beyond the realms of freelancing and contracting and shows where its nuances can carry real power for businesses of all sizes. I believe that businesses have to learn to be agile to compete in an ever changing market, and it is the ability to do that we explore in The Gig Economy.

The Gig Economy is available now for £7.45 – the e-book is available to download for free today (2nd October 2018)