The Interim of Things to Come


Tom Goodwin writes eloquently about disruption caused where tech meets business and marketing. Not only does technology overwrite itself with increasing regularity, but as rampant consumers of technology our expectations of ‘what we are about to receive’ outpace the next iteration of technology even before it lands. So if a tech business is launching a new platform it had better be better than expected or we’re already disappointed and on to the next thing. Many tech bets fall flat of expectations like Facebook’s long-touted bet last year that bots would replace apps.

But increasing customer expectations are not just a problem when launching tech. The same applies for any new service or product in any sector. Ask yourself – does your organisation always have the right people in the right place at the right time to read the market correctly and ensure that your ‘big bet’ is not an interim flop that fills the space before something better comes along? If you want to stake your business reputation on a new direction, are you confident all perspectives have been examined?

At gigCMO, business meets marketing. We work at board level on a fractional basis which could be any fusion of  part-time, advisory, drip-feed or project-based brainpower. Rather than launch what turns out to be something the market didn’t want, didn’t understand and didn’t buy, let us take a look at your proposition from a set of wide experiences and perspectives. We can be interim, so you’re not.