The Passionate Customer


Every firm has some customers that buy more than other customers and some customers who are also very passionate about the product or service. When the two overlap, you have a “Super-Consumer” as defined by Eddie Yoon of the Cambridge Group in his new book of the same name.

All of us have met someone who extols lyrically about a product or service and has an almost messianic zeal for it. Clearly, the product is answering a powerful emotional need. Sometimes it is the brand myth itself that exerts that pull – perhaps tapping into the archetypes of the Great Mother or the Hero as defined by Carl Jung. Whatever the reason, these super-consumers can dis-proportionately affect the success of your firm.

How do you locate them? Analyse your customer data inside and out. Simple acts reveal much. For example, receiving a letter from a customer in itself, usually denotes a strong emotional connection.

Once you know your super-consumers, make them feel loved. Invite them to participate in feedback sessions, special events and give rewards. They will love the recognition and become your biggest fans. Be creative – perhaps they would like to meet your founder or road-test a new product.

Never forget that super-consumers are the mainstay of your business. Get underneath what makes them passionate about your brand. Learn how to turn that passion into business growth.

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