The Secret of Amazon and Uber


Amazon and Uber are driven not by technology but by a very clear focus on the customer.

They built their businesses by thinking about what the customer would like – not what the competitors were providing but what would really make a difference to the customer.

Do you remember when Amazon was just a bookseller? Do you remember when every high street had a bookseller? Well, it seems customers really didn’t want to go the book shop on the High Street and browse through all of the titles to decide which book they wanted.

And Uber succeeded first in the US. You may be aware that a monopoly existed for cab licences in many cities – a “medallion” was required  where yellow cabs were notorious for being dirty and overcharging. Customer satisfaction had nothing to do with who was able to buy into the monopoly. Of course, an alternative did exist in cities like New York – the black cab. You made a reservation in advance – a telephone call and they came to you at a high price of course.

Imagine – a focus on customers. Who would have thought…