Those four letter words


They strike fear into the hearts of Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Presidents, Owners and Founders.

Fire. Hire.

It’s not the act of doing that strikes fear but the anticipated disruption to the organisation, just at the moment that the business can least afford to be distracted by the uncertainty induced by change. There’s the inevitable speculation over future direction, water-cooler tittle tattle, unhelpful misfired communications and potential brand damage to consider.

It’s not just that the permanent hire process can be time-consuming and costly, but it also requires extensive collegiate action, buy-in from multiple stakeholders possibly even including investors and shareholders. All this can lead to taking the eye off the ball.

Investment in talent is much more than the salary and overhead costs indicated on the balance sheet. The true cost is determined by the successful acquisition of the right skills, cultural fit, aligned vision and performance promise  – all packaged in one person. Getting it right is a pretty big deal.

Fortunately there are options.

‘Gig’ working has moved up to board level and it is now possible to source brainpower on a fractional basis which could be a fusion of interim, part-time, advisory, drip-feed or project-based support. There’s a new breed of real-world, highly experienced executives from blue-chip backgrounds applying their services in this way.

At gigCMO we specialise in applying Chief Marketing Officer brains into organisations that need an injection of talent and fresh perspectives. Ensuring business continuity while you attend to the four letter words.  With our CMO’s, marketing capability is taken as read and must be broad and deep. Where we differ is that we hand-pick for high levels of soft skills so we can fill that gap in your executive team for as short or long as you need us.

If you would like us to work with you through a period of change, talk to us @gigCMO