Two heads are better than one: the round table approach to business strategy


When people talk about the merits of the gig economy and using gig talent as part of a business strategy, one of its greatest attributes is often overlooked.  Central to its power is the ecosystem of skills that it has the potential to open up to businesses – honed at gigCMO with a round table approach.

Tried and tested by experience

A central pillar of gigCMO, and a way of working which sets us apart from individual providers, by adopting a round table approach to the work that we do, we give clients the benefit of the experience of many CMOs and business leaders rather than one.  

Business who work with us on particular goals or projects will work directly with a CMO who provides a single point of contact.  That CMO in turn accesses the support and advice of a group of peers to ensure the work and strategies they deliver have surpassed the rigours of the team’s individual and collective experience.

Naturally all bound by NDAs to protect any confidential information, the team has knowledge that ranges across industries, continents and approaches.  So each CMO brings a powerful tool to the clients we work with that separates their services from other gig providers.

In short, it means that for the price of one CMO, you in fact access the knowledge and experience of a collective.  It is in many ways the ultimate test of due diligence, provided at every stage of business development.

The long-term benefit to your in-house team

In addition to the quality of advice that this round table approach allows for, it also has a positive effect on the in-house learnings that come from learning with gigCMO. Less and less organisations can afford ongoing training programmes for their teams, making osmosis the most cost effective way to learn as other people bring new thinking to the workplace.

By dint of working with different people with different ideas, in different companies and with different technologies all the time, an experienced gig team is able to bring all those learnings into your own space without conflict.  

Chances are if there’s a challenge we’ve seen it, done it and got the t-shirt.  Experience means we are more likely to know the pitfalls and benefits of new concepts because we may well have seen them before.  It’s a balancing and reassuring presence to complement the detailed knowledge that in-house leadership will have of the specifics of your own brand.

The result is a more cost effective flow of high level skills, a more strategic and targeted way of working, and a lower cost, lower risk and better value approach to the next step you want to take with your business.