Video: 10 minutes in a Tesla car that will help you navigate the new gig economy


How do you build a brand in the gig economy?

How do you get work, build your business, and find the people who will really make a difference to the bottom line?  You focus on the things that will really make a difference.

Here, Bob Miglani, bestselling author of Embrace the Chaos – Moving Forward in Uncertainty, interviews gigCMO’s very own Chief Revenue Officer and sales leader, Scott Magnacca. Scott’s expertise lies in designing and executing sales strategies, payment systems, brand protection, and security. Meanwhile Bob is at the forefront of identifying and embracing new and emerging customers, as well as developing innovative partnerships in top companies.

Together they discuss what sets emerging agile business models apart for this new style of gig working… all in a setting that exemplifies forward thinking; a Tesla car.

How business models are adapting to the gig economy

The model of a fixed organisation is changing towards a more fluid and flexible one. The old model of hiring and staffing is gone; squeezed out by excessive costs, and making way for today’s new business models that are emerging.

These new models are agile, versatile and fast to adapt to the specific needs of the companies, helping businesses grow and achieve their goals faster and at a lower price.

At the cutting edge of this movement, but with the experience and integrity to really understand company objectives, gigCMO helps CEOs boost growth, and marketers leverage their talents globally. As you will see in the video, Scott explains how we can call benefit.

Key points:

1. Don’t waste your talents. Get out and leverage your experience with those who value you. There are new platforms that can help you do exactly that.
2. If you’re a CEO, don’t hold onto what you think used to work. Bring in fresh ideas and deep-rooted expertise which may not necessarily come from within your organization. Be open to outside thinking and resources that can complement your team.
3. Let go of the past models. They’re gone. Learn. Experiment. Try, and you will see growth.

About Bob Miglani

Bob Miglani is the author of The Washington Post’s bestselling book, Embrace the Chaos. Bob is also a Fortune 50 executive and he has worked for Pfizer for over 23 years.

Bob helps people embrace change and move forward to find success and meaning in times of turbulence, complexity, change, and uncertainty. He is a motivational speaker and an advisor to the entrepreneurs and executive, he also writes for the Huffington Post.

You can learn more about Bob Miglani on his blog.