What a rockstar CMO looks like in 2017


Frankly, in many businesses a CMO simply doesn’t exist. Or rather, the CMO role may be carried out by other functions, under the guise of different job titles and with the responsibilities of a CMO rather confusingly disaggregated around the organisation. We’re living in a fast-paced digital world and it’s hard to keep up with trends, the latest technological innovation and how best to organise ourselves to get the product out the door with maximum bang for our buck.

But there aren’t many boards who would disagree that marketing the business effectively is key to the future success and growth of the firm. It’s just that for many businesses, particularly in accelerator phase, there needs to be a different way of injecting marketing talent to take the business to the next level. So, the new CMO rockstars have a whole different set of skills. Marketing capability is taken as read and must be deep, broad and real-world. The differentiator is a broader set of skills and experience to meet the demands for flexibility, adaptability and driving business transformation in complex customer and competitor landscapes. The new CMO rockstars understand how to inject themselves into the heart of the strategic business conversation and demonstrate business (not just marketing) leadership.

At gigCMO we’re responding to the changing nature of work and the business environment. We believe that injection of talent for a growing business can come in many forms. It might be that CMO brains are needed in one intensive burst, or drip-fed over a period of time, or parachuted in to tackle a major change requirement. That’s our definition of a ‘gig’. But it always starts with a business conversation. Performance and fit are key, which is why we identify and only work with this new breed of CMO rockstar. And the application of talent from gigCMO ensures that beyond the obvious marketing skills, you work with someone who can quickly make sense of what is going on, can integrate into your team with professional and social intelligence, come up with new perspectives and innovative solutions, transcend cultural borders and boundaries, self-manage, collaborate and add value. Oh, and get the job done too.

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