What’s in a title?


In the ring – marketing v growth

Seems rather incongruous? There’s a fair amount of angst about marketing being squeezed out of the boardroom. Chief Marketing Officers are being replaced by Chief Growth Officers. Chief and Officer remain the same, first and last name – but the middle name is replaced. It’s like we’ve decided to ditch the homage to grandma’s old-fashioned name for a new-fangled designation, like Kylie was popular in the ’80’s and Austin was popular in the ’90’s.

But we all know this is fashion and fashions come and go, and come back round again, albeit slightly re-interpreted for current market conditions.

When has marketing not been about growth and when has growth not been about marketing? Worry less about the job title and more about the deep and true meaning of marketing and how to have the business conversation about growth. Which is what marketing has always been about.

Talk to us @gigCMO about marketing and growth, or growth and marketing. We don’t mind. It’s all one and the same.