Why content is the perfect introduction to an interim marketing strategy


It was 20 years ago that Bill Gates declared ‘content is king’ and it appears that he was right. Content, combined with a healthy understanding of SEO, is very much at the centre of the way we consume information. Arguably, it is the central pillar and wide reaching umbrella under which all information is conveyed and consumed. It’s also one of the best ways for your business to dip its toes into the world of interim talent as an alternative way for sourcing regular, reliable skills.

With the prevalence of content, it is little wonder that it has become big business in its own right. Consumer publishing agencies have rebranded as content agencies. Even big powerhouses of the publishing world like Hearst magazines have declared themselves Branded Content specialists rather than the magazine publishers that we all grew up knowing them as.

Content is important for businesses of all sizes

Today content is not just a way of advertising and brand building. It’s entertainment as well. We live in a world where plenty of rubbish content exists. However, when it’s done well it proves that entertainment and marketing do not need to be mutually exclusive.

The conclusion is that content is important for businesses of any size. Good news for the big boys who are engaging the big agencies to help spread their stories. But what does it mean for small and medium sized businesses? Or even those who simply want to take a more cost effective approach whilst still doing their content properly?

Traditionally, the options have been:

  • Employ someone full time or part time
  • Work with an agency

Both of these are pricey and not necessarily the most effective options. Even a junior salary can be a big commitment for a business. Let’s not downplay what it takes to commit to a full time member of staff. And you don’t need a junior member of staff to do it properly anyway, you need to be doing this properly. Gone are the days when Twitter is a suitable task for your intern. Let’s be clear, this is about being cost effective, not cheap.

Don’t be cheap, be cost effective

This is where the gig economy and the rise of interim talent makes a real difference. You can work on an ongoing basis and develop strong relationships, on an interim based fee with no employee overheads.

In our experience, almost all organisations have a requirement for both regular and project based content. However, not all organisations require the volumes that necessitate a full time member of staff. This makes a gig approach the most efficient and cost effective solution.

With this in mind we have put together a scalable service that’s tailored to the needs of individual organisations, whether you need it on an ongoing package basis or for a particular project or campaign.

  • It’s cost effective
  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Experienced
  • It plugs into your existing team or other external teams and other skillsets such as graphic design and web development
  • This final point in particular makes content a sensible option for an interim approach for many businesses. However, it also the reason content is an easy one to get your head around for an interim approach if the idea is new to you.

Interim is becoming an extremely efficient way to bring a variety of skillsets into your business. The ones that you want regularly and reliably but not for five full working days a week.

Making interim part of your strategy however is not the same as finding an old school temp. It’s a decisive and strategic move. With content’s ability to engage with other areas of your business, using it as your bridge into the world of interim is easy when done the right way. It gives the opportunity to see if and how an interim approach works best for you.