Why Some Business Owners Almost Always Make Money


Some business owners consistently make money because they know what they don’t know. They know the limits of their skills and experiences. And they know when to ask for help.

However, what has prevented many business owners from achieving their business vision was the required up front investment to surround herself or himself with the required talent to make their dream a reality.

The talent is usually needed in  customer acquisition – how do you make a step change in the number of customers coming to your business? Well, in the old days you would ask your friends who always seemed to know someone who was just the right person for you or you would hire an executive search firm and end up with your marketing director. They would probably cost you an arm and a leg and you probably had to give your other arm t0 the search firm. Wow, how many customers do you need to pay for this new hire before they add any incremental revenue?

Well, the smart business owners are now choosing gigCMO and renting a passionate, experienced Chief Marketing Officer on an as and when needed basis. Low cost, low risk and fast results. Sort of like taking an Uber – we help you get to where you want to go.