Will marketing and branding for startups matter in the post startup era?


In his recent article published on techcrunch.com, Jon Evans makes a few excellent points on why the startup era might be over.

And coming from a journalist, as well as an electrical engineer and software developer, take this news from the Silicon Valley rather seriously. You may also want to follow Jon on twitter – .

It is the truth that the first gold rush of the internet is behind us. Yes, 15 years ago anyone with a good idea and bit of coding knowledge had a chance to hit that gold nugget. And to make a small dot-com fortune. Many startups have done so.

But fast forward to 2018, and our digital world has changed.

The cake is in the hands of the large companies now. Young companies may only have some crumbles left to fight for. The competition is stronger then it was. The new technological breakthrough doesn’t come as cheap as it used to. Big businesses have so much power that they can easily destroy a small startup. Or just buy it, for all we know.

Successful startup launch matters

Is there any hope left for a startup today to succeed? Indeed. As much as there ever was, that is. Surely, not everyone gets to be Google, or Facebook, or Amazon. But the truth is that our technologies evolve faster than ever. We never know where will the next gold rush come from.

It is also the truth that a startup most likely won’t be able to create the fastest flying car out there. But, what if you do manage to create an algorithm for a quantum computer? Then you are very likely to grab your piece of the revolution and your startup will likely be the next buzz in the tech world.

But what if the idea behind your new company is not so extraordinary in the first place? Never the less, remember that hard and smart work always pays off.

Startup marketing strategy still counts

So, yes the gold times might as well be over. But startups can still make it. Now, probably more than ever, a startup needs a strong marketing support. From business plan to developing the right strategy, from ROI calculation to brand strategy, startups these days have a lot more on their plates.

And that’s not even all. A value proposition development for a startup may be crucial these days. A startup has to deal with the customer insight and analytics.

Digital marketing may also be the point where a fresh company makes it or brakes it.

Whether a startup seeks a crowdfunding or aims to attract investors, the value of the idea and the marketing that supports it still remains the key for success.

So, go ahead and judge for yourself if we entered to the time called After the end of the startup era.

However, you should remember this. Even if it is an end, every end is the begging of something new.