Benefits Of Our Marketing Talent On Demand

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Industry or Out Of Industry Expertise As Required

No Rookies

Engaging gigCMO Not A One Person Band

How It Works

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How We Helped

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Education in Africa


A UK invesment group decided to make a social investment in online eduction in Africa but lacked the industry experise and marketing knowledge to deliver the outcomes it wanted.


Business Risk

The educational instititute would not be viable leaving students and teachers without the university they invested their effort towards.



A gigCMO Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) was engaged for over 1 year alternating between Africa and the UK and was able to deliver significant increases in key metrics - revenue and students - resulting in an opportunity for local shareholders to invest in a viable digital business poised for further expansion. Given the performance, the FCMO was asked to reposition and rebrand the university to compete across Africa.

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Organic Inputs


A southern European producer of organic inputs wanted to enter the UK market but had no market knowledge.


Business Risk

The parent company could be put at risk if the proper company structure as well as sales and marketing programme including product certifications was not approached in a professional and experienced manner.



A gigCMO Fractional Chief Marketing Officer led the process of introducting the client to key regulators and business services providers in the UK. This included identifying opportunities for actual trials as well as leading business development efforts. 




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AIM Listed


A new listed AIM company recognised very quickly that they had been so focused on raising the funds and setting up the operations, that they lacked the sale and marketing leadership to deliver the business plan.


Business Risk

If the business did not gain traction and be seen to be doing so by its retail shareholders, it would quickly lose its following.



A gigCMO Fractional CMO was engaged and implemented a sales and marketing programme that positioned the business as a thought leader as well as an innovation leader in the category. Selected investments were made in brand, product development, product certification and the development of compelling content with the business established as a European leader in the key segment it participates in.

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Opera Digital Marketplace


An Italian opera production manager had a vision to create the world's first digital marketplace for the renting, buying and selling of opera productions. She knew the sector but did not know how to  launch the new service.


Business Risk

It was a clear opportunity with no existing competitors. It was critical to get the business up and running and begin to build the network effects prior to a competitor getting established.



A gigCMO Fractional CMO was engaged for over 6 months with on the ground presence in the UK as well as in Italy. The FCMO delivered the go to market programme and provided on going marketing support.

The Founder was presented with an opportunity to sell a stake in her business within 6 months.

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