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Talent On Demand

gigCMO provides access to top talent without the  long term commitment - what we call Fractional Talent. Whether it is to bring new growth, stop the erosion in current revenue or strengthen your talent bench, gigCMO provides an easy, on demand solution when you need proven, battle tested leadership with deep expertise in modern marketing in your industry or functional area. Fractional Chief Marketing Officers who will deliver results. Full time thinking on a part time or interim basis. And of course, each engagement is fully supported by all the talent and brainpower of gigCMO.

CEO Whisperer

The term “whisperer” refers to those gifted with a deep understanding of executive psychology, enabling those who can “whisper” to help a CEO drive the performance of their organisation.  The key is prevent insularity as there is always a danger of being blindsided by a competitor or a market disruption. It is bespoke and discrete service. We only select CMO's and Marketing Directors who have a proven track record of success working as non executive directors. Please contact our CEO directly to discuss this service in greater detail.

CMO Whisperer

Chief Marketing Officers tend to have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite. There are many downsides to high turnover in a role that has such a profound impact on brand value. In other words, a CMO's success is a brand's success. Just like we can whisper to a CEO, we also provide support for Marketing Leaders who want to benefit from our expertise. We can coach, mentor and guide your marketing team and ensure that marketing strategy and plans are geared for maximum commercial performance. 


Sometimes you need to "test the waters" on a new idea or to validate the effectiveness of a marketing and sales programme. Our roundtable brings multiple perspectives from the most relevant, experienced marketing and sales leaders to provide you with the strategic input you need on the critical business issues and opportunities your team is facing. Imagine the marketing expertise you will receive from a team of fractional chief marketing officers. It will be as powerful as your own CMO. It is immediate and no long term commitment is required.